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Complete Car Repair and Service

All American Four Wheel Drive Repair provides comprehensive auto repair services.  We perform any and all maintenance or repair that your vehicle requires. We are happy to offer this expansive list of automotive services:  4x4 Repair Shop

Oil changes are performed by experienced professionals who understand the entire system of your vehicle, not merely employees who know how to empty a quart of oil into an engine and change out a filter.  We use high quality oil and filters most suited to make your particular automobile perform better.  As an added value, we perform a complimentary review of your entire vehicle to determine its condition.  You walk away with a high-quality oil change as well as an understanding of any other present or future needs of your car.

Recommended manufacturers scheduled maintenance should be a part of every vehicle owner’s automotive upkeep.  This ensures better performance and the longer life of your car, truck or SUV.  We have the state-of-the-art and manufacturer-approved equipment and technicians to perform scheduled maintenance on any make and model vehicle at a very competitive price.

Your drivetrain/transmission is expertly reviewed by our trained technicians. Any areas in need of repair, including differentials, axles, clutches,among other important drivetrain/transmission components are repaired quickly and in-house.

We repair and replace engines, including timing belts and other necessary parts directly associated with your vehicle’s engine.

We use the highest quality brakes, with the longest life span.  When advisable, we can machine your existing brake rotors and drums to lengthen their lifespan and save you money until new brake rotors and drums are required.

Your body temperature comfort while you drive is important.  Our skilled technicians perform all heating and air conditioning repairs necessary, including the repair or replacement of all components and fluids.

Is your “check engine” light on or does something just “not feel right” when you drive?  This is called diagnostics.  Our advanced computer diagnostic equipment and seasoned, expert technicians can evaluate the drivability of your automobile, diagnose any problems and repair your car, truck or SUV so that it operates smoothly, the way you expect a well-cared for vehicle to operate. 

Alignments are an essential part of any vehicle’s care.  Aside from your safety and providing mandatory control of your vehicle, proper alignment also lengthens the life of your tires by avoiding unnecessary wear.  Avoiding this wear, saves you money.  Your tires don’t need to be replaced so soon.4x4 Service Shop

Steering and suspension is the aspect of your vehicle that keeps you in control of your car and your wheels in contact with the ground.  Your struts, shocks, springs and all the other components that make up your suspension need to function accurately for the best responsiveness and safety of your vehicle.

All tires are not created equal.  We will help you determine the best make and model of tire to meet your lifestyle and budget needs.  We carry all the major brands, including Goodyear, Dunlop and Cooper, among others, as well as specialty tires that active Colorado residents demand.  Unlike many repair or tire shops, we take the essential step of aligning and balancing your tires as a matter of course.

Many drivers don’t realize they can get used vehicle inspections before purchasing a used car, truck or SUV.  Because we think it is so important for automotive owners to understand the condition of the used vehicle they plan to purchase, we offer free used vehicle inspections to anyone, even if you are not our existing customer.  If you need many different used cars reviewed, we will gladly inspect each one for you.  We want you informed, safe and satisfied.  Knowing the used vehicle’s condition will also help you negotiate price with its seller. 4x4 Service Shop

Well-tuned cooling systems ensure that your vehicle performs at its best.  Radiators, waterpumps, hoses, heater cores, among other components, keep your vehicle operating at its optimal temperature, guaranteeing better efficiency, longevity, safety and performance.

We also service all driver and passenger safety features like seatbelts, airbags and ABS systems.

You will never be without transportation while your car, truck or SUV is in our care.  We provide free transportation including customer shuttle service or pick-up and delivery of your vehicle.  We can also arrange for a rental vehicle for you at a competitive, corporate price.

Do you have a fleet of vehicles for your company or organization?  Do you need the peace-of-mind knowing the vehicle is in top performance and safety condition at all times?  Do you want to be billed monthly instead of for every little oil change and hose replacement?  We offer a Fleet Solutions Programs for you.  This provides you:

  • Longer warranty on parts and services
  • Free pick-up and delivery
  • Priority service (you will never have to wait for vehicles that arrived before yours)
  • Monthly billing (minimize paperwork and have one monthly invoice you can track better)
  • Competitive pricing
  • Overall peace-of-mind (know that your vehicle is regularly reviewed by expert technicians South Denver Location
3753 Norwood Drive
Littleton, CO 80125
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